Mills_Miles's Week 10 Ballot

1 Houston
2 Purdue you lost by one point. lick your wounds and keep chasing Houston.
3Alabama Alabama: a basketball school
4 Kansas
7 UConn
8 Texas Nice shave.
10Virginia the momentum might have run out here. still formidable team.
11 Xavier
12 Gonzaga This team is gonna blow it when it counts. But that doesn't happen for a while, so enjoy Top 15
14 Charleston Yes. Fourteen. Everyone else lost. They move up. The WCC effect. Simple. Fast. Portable.
16 Iowa State
17 Duke
18 Miami (FL)
19 Auburn
20Arkansas mixed opinions. finally got a convincing win against Missouri and then lost to Auburn in disparaging fashion
21 Providence
22 Missouri
23 Kansas State alright alright its about time you get on here. stop having OT wins and keep it up
24 Baylor
25 Florida Atlantic huh. ok.

Overall Rationale

Final note: the Mountain West has begun to cannibalize itself.