peachios's Week 10 Ballot

1 Houston finally dropping purduejust really a better loss for houston
2 Purdue bounced back is good
3Kansas ugh scary again
4 Alabama slightly higher than many but solid and we'll see them again with arky
5 Tennessee again higher but idk doing well, colorado still weird but they do strange stufff
6UConn 0 to 2 losses in 2 weeks but Prov looks solid and xavier as well honestly
7 Kansas State wtf purple big 12 teams doing well in CFB and CBB now
8 Gonzaga ah the old gonzaga start high, maybe lose some and drop, then never lose again cause the wcc is meh normally
9UCLA close rival game
10Arizona lol you lost to wsu (who seems an ok team except the record so maybe not)
11 Texas hmmweird games this week, and despite losing a good coach they seem to be doing well (kansas state seems olid so loss isn't as bad)
12 Xavier
13Iowa State big ass jump, but finally getting that solid win helps that recrod
14 TCU decent win (baylor is kinda mixy, more talk later) and close loss too
15Arkansas another strange week have 2 of their best out and a rough ish loss but also a decent win
16 Miami (FL) confusing team great record, bad loss this week tho
17 Virginia a lot of this middle ground got meh losses so hard to figure it out mostly mixnig up and some big jumps for great teams flying high
18 Missouri lost to a good team and close win to a meh team idk kinda expected
19 Providence big win, 2 of their 3 losses are to great teams, (STL less so) and big streak of wins, may go on a big riser
20San Diego State budget Gonzaga again (I think I said that for new mexico then they lost)
21 Ohio State very close loss unfortuante, tho finally made me unsub from titus and tate, just tired of their shtick
22 Wisconsin maybe too big a drop honestly
23 Marquette maybe not big enoug of a drop (hopefully I recheck sunday if they lose)
24 Baylor confusing, maybe need a bigger drop too, have some solid wins, and all losses are to ranked teams
25 Auburn so small dorp, but weird week, lost to a team they should beat and beat a team they "shouldnt"

Overall Rationale