TommyTwoTaps's Week 10 Ballot

1 Kansas LW: 2 (+1) ... Jayhawks get my top stop. Most Q1 wins in the country (6), tops in SoS and SoR
2 Houston LW: 3 (+1) ... Cougars have looked impressive against lesser foes, hence the high advanced rankings. SoS (126) hurts them a bit for me.
3Purdue LW: 1 (-2) ... still an impressive 5-1 Q1 record. Impressed with the bounce back win late over a ranked opp on the road.
4 Tennessee LW: 7 (+3) ... Jumping them over the Bruins due to the margin of victory in the two wins this week. Impressed me a lot
5 UCLA LW: 6 (+1)
6Texas LW: 8 (+2)
7 Gonzaga LW: 9 (+2)
8 Alabama LW: 10 (+2)
9Xavier LW: 12 (+3)
10UConn LW: 5 (-5)
11 Arizona LW: 4 (-7)
12 Kansas State LW: 21 (+9) ... Three straight ranked wins, the last two on the road. While the defense worries me, this team has earned the right to be ranked this high.
13Iowa State LW: 19 (+6)
14 Arkansas LW: 15 (+1) ... 1-1 vs ranked opponents moves them up a spot thanks to other losing to unranked teams
15Virginia LW: 11 (-4)
16 TCU LW: 25 (+9) ... I under ranked them very badly last week, so this bump is due to my own mistakes last week. Was very impressed with them this week, even though they dropped a game
17 Miami (FL) LW: 14 (-3) ... not a good loss to GA Tech, but I'm not going to overreact to it too much given a lot of ranked teams slipped up this week
18 Auburn LW: 16 (-2) ... yes they beat Arkansas, but they also lost to UGA so they won't jump the Hogs.
19 Duke LW: 13 (-6) ... dropping a bit due to getting blown out and barely escaping BC
20Saint Mary's LW: 24 (+4) ... this move up is the product of other teams losing and so many falling out. Still not fully sure how good they are as the SoS is severely lacking
21 Charleston LW: NR ... no longer a coward confirmed
22 Wisconsin LW: 18 (-4) ... two very competitive games this week, will be interested to see both
23 Providence LW: NR ... I can could understand arguments for them being higher, but for now they debut in my poll here
24 NC State LW: NR ... I know they beat Duke, but they're also 3-3 in conference play in a league that I'm not sure how deep it really is yet.
25 Florida Atlantic LW: NR ... giving them the nod over Marquette due to the Q1 record. Brilliant start from FAI

Overall Rationale

Dropped Out: Indiana (17), Baylor (20), West Virginia (22), New Mexico (23) 26-30: Marquette, San Diego State, Baylor, Missouri, Indiana