Travbowman's Week 10 Ballot

1 Kansas Two straight road wins and looking amazing
2 Purdue 2-1 on the week with two road wins is not a bad showing
3Houston Keep looking great against okay teams
4 Arizona Still have 5 Q1 wins so they get a top 4 slot from me
5 Tennessee Adding offense is a scary thing for SEC teams
6UConn PC loss isn't a bad one
7 UCLA Quietly keep winning
8 Alabama Kentucky win was great but is UK any good?
9Gonzaga The wins have been too close
10Xavier Nine wins in a row
11 Kansas State They got really good really fast
12 Iowa State Two great road wins this week
13Charleston Keep winning
14 Providence Cooley is a magician
15Miami (FL) Can't drop them too far
16 Florida Atlantic This team is worthy of an at large bid
17 Texas Hard to figure out what they'll be without Beard
18 Virginia Early season wins are losing luster
19 San Diego State Back in my rankings after five game win streak
20Duke Won at BC but didn't look good doing it
21 Arkansas The three point shooting is going to kill them
22 Marquette Back in rankings after four game win streak
23 Missouri The big wins aren't looking as great now but I'm keeping the ranked
24 TCU Okay, I'm finally bringing them back despite the buzzer beater loss
25 Saint Mary's Metrics love them but what exactly are they?

Overall Rationale

My top 12 was easy. After that it's just a guess.