INeedMoreCreativity's Week 10 Ballot

1 Kansas
2 Purdue
4 UConn
5 Alabama
7 Tennessee
9Kansas State
11 Iowa State
12 Xavier
14 San Diego State
15Florida Atlantic Stellar resume. #14 in SOR, 17 in WAB. Arguably the 12th best Q1 in the nation (2-0. It's at least the 16th best).
16 Virginia
17 Arkansas
18 Marquette
19 Missouri
20Miami (FL)
21 Providence
22 Auburn
23 Wisconsin
24 TCU
25 Charleston

Overall Rationale

I rank teams mostly by resume, as if the season ended today and I were ranking them for the tournament. I am not trying to find the “best” team, I’m trying to find the “most deserving team”. ------------ I use eye-test evaluations along with computer metrics to inform my rankings. Having a good record against a good schedule is the most important thing for my rankings. Sometimes, a team may have an excellent resume despite poor SOS (such as previous years’ Gonzaga), or a poor resume despite a great SOS (some .500 power conference teams). If your team wins more games against its schedule than other teams would win against that same schedule, then your team has a good resume. ------------ FAQ: ------------ 1. Why is my team ranked so low? My team is ranked #5 in kenpom! -- It’s likely that your team has a resume that’s relatively poor. I bet your team will do pretty well later in the season, but until then, I’ll rank the team with the better resume higher. ------------ 2. Why is that team ranked so high? They don’t even have any ranked wins! -- That team likely still has a good resume! A win against an okay team can be just as good as a win against a great team, depending on where the game is played. An average top-25 team is as likely to win on the road against the #75 team as it is to win hosting the #10. ------------ 3. How do you have Team A ranked over Team B? Team B just whalloped Team A! -- Single game results are only a small part of a team's larger whole body of work. Team A dropped in my rankings according to how bad their loss was, and Team B rose according to how good their win was. I don’t assign any additional weight to the game.