eyesack10's Week 10 Ballot

1 Houston best team in basketball and murdered smu
2 Kansas second best team in basketball (as of now)
3Purdue purdue's backcourt had its first test against Rutgers and had fits. rebounded in next 2 games and proved they're still a legit team
4 Alabama smoked their two conf opponents this week, nate goats
5 UCLA somehow allowed USC to hang around, still have all the pieces
6Tennessee laid the hammer on the sec this week
7 UConn @ Xavier, @ providence are two tough tough games. but handled Creighton relatively easily
8 Gonzaga a couple of quad II wins never hurt anybody
9Texas 116 points? really? at home? against Kansas State?
10Arizona do not fear, Tommy Lloyd is here. next two weeks will tell the truth for this team
11 Iowa State on FIRE
12 Virginia yes they lost @ Pitt, they're still efficient offensively and they can shoot the 3
13Xavier taking names in the big east. super hot team but not top 10 yet
14 Kansas State coming off of 3 huge huge wins, and this week we learned this team can SCORE
15Arkansas give us nick smith jr back and this is a top 10 team. this next week is telling though
16 Providence I truly don't understand this team but Cooley is too good
17 TCU one of the hottest teams in the country before their home loss this week, hit the reset button
18 Auburn lost to...checks notes....Georgia? but evens out with Arkansas win
19 Marquette sneaky good team. well coached and extremely good offensively
20Duke time to hit the panic button I reckon, but a W is a W and NC State isn't AWFUL
21 Northwestern need another big 10 team right? big wins at IU and vs Illinois
22 Missouri really really really good offensively, Arkansas loss doesn't kill them, onward
23 Florida Atlantic coming off a HUGE win at north Texas, beat a super good UAB team
24 Miami (FL) Georgia tech loss, this team is on the brink of unrankedness, I haven't seen much that I love
25 Wisconsin overhyped, resume is decent but where's the scoring? PS no wahl at Illinois

Overall Rationale

thanks for the opportunity