corndogshuffle's Week 10 Ballot

1 Kansas +2. Two tough road wins, plus others ahead losing, means Kansas looks like #1 to me right now.
2 Alabama +3. Alabama looks great, has only lost to top ten teams, and has beaten the team I ranked #3 this week.
3Houston +3. My slightly diminished opinion of Virginia is why I don't have the Cougars higher.
4 Purdue -3. Lost to Rutgers, but picked up good wins at Ohio State and Penn State.
5 UConn -1. They're still top five for me, Providence looks really good right now.
6Tennessee +2. Anyway, they started blasting... everyone they play.
7 Gonzaga +2. Two close calls for the Zags this week, but they're still undefeated in conference play.
8 Kansas State +15. Two HUGE road wins this week. No losses in a month. Kansas State, for now, is rolling.
9UCLA +2. UCLA is the lone undefeated team in P12 play.
10Arizona -8. Seriously, Washington State at home???
11 Xavier +2. Xavier beat Villanova on the road in their only game this week.
12 Iowa State +12. It was a big week for Iowa State, who collected road wins against Oklahoma and TCU.
13Texas 0. Despite losing at home to Kansas State, Texas picked up a road win in Stillwater. Texas still looks good despite losing their head coach.
14 TCU +8. I know it looks odd to jump a team eight spots for going 1-1, but everyone they jumped also lost and TCU did well to split at Baylor and Iowa State.
15Miami (FL) -3. Rough loss for the Hurricanes on the road against Georgia Tech.
16 Arkansas +1. Arkansas went 1-1 this week, but beating Missouri prevented them from moving down in a week when everyone around them also lost a game.
17 Providence UNR. Huge win against UConn, their ninth straight win.
18 Missouri +3. Another 1-1 team. Missouri gained a "quality loss" to pair with a win over Vanderbilt.
19 Virginia -9. Yet another 1-1 team. Virginia took a bigger tumble because they are now 3-3 in their last 6 games
20Charleston +4. Charleston just keeps winning.
21 Saint Mary's UNR. Eight wins in nine games, along with exceptional computer rankings, gave Saint Mary's a boost into my top 25.
22 Wisconsin -8. Wisconsin lost at Illinois, -8 may not be fair in a week with tons of losses but all of the teams that jumped the Badgers either had a better win or a better loss.
23 Marquette UNR. Won seven of eight, and no bad losses.
24 Clemson UNR. The last undefeated team in ACC play. 9-1 in their last 10, three of their last four wins on the road. I'm rewarding them for getting wins.
25 Florida Atlantic UNR. FAU hasn't lost in two months.

Overall Rationale

About some of the teams I unranked - I want to reward teams for getting wins. Baylor has now lost three straight. Duke doesn't have any losing streaks but I'm sick of watching them get blown out as a voter. Ohio State is now 3-3 in their last 6. Indiana has lost 5 of 8. New Mexico would still be ranked if they hadn't lost twice to iffy competition this week. Auburn finally got a really good win but their resume is so sparse and they have some not great losses, including this week at Georgia. These are all teams that I believe could (or are even likely) to finish ranked, but they need to start proving it on the court. I think they might all be better than 21-25, but they haven't earned that spot by winning games.