RagingLasagna's Week 10 Ballot

1 Houston Pretty self explanatory, they now do seem like the best team in the country by far
2 Kansas It looks weird and ugly at times, but they are winning games
3Purdue Not the worst loss to Rutgers, but you get knocked for losing that game in Mackey
4 Alabama Stomping Kentucky is good for the program
5 UConn They don't look as connected as they did 2 weeks ago, but Sanogo sonning Kalk has to make the Huskie fans proud
6Tennessee Once again, no read at all on this team but they're winning when a lot of other teams are not
7 UCLA They play fun basketball
8 Arizona Holy cow they have 2 really not good losses
9Gonzaga They're more vulnerable in the WCC than many previous years, so conference play will tell us a lot
10Texas That game against OK State was one of the ugliest games I've ever seen
11 Virginia Probably still a tier above anyone else in the ACC, despite the loss
12 Arkansas Not the best loss, but not as bad as losing Nick Smith for the month. Good team without him, could be a great team with him
13Xavier After this week, just the most obvious team to put at 13
14 Charleston Haters gonna hate, they're winning games, they have 1 loss, and they're having fun
15Kansas State Quietest 1-loss power conference team of all time
16 Iowa State 3 straight conference wins as underdogs, 2 of them on the road
17 TCU I can't knock you a ton for losing on a game winner to a good team
18 Florida Atlantic Fly owls, fly
19 San Diego State MOP: Matt Bradley's new dog
20Duke Gross loss, but on a week where a lot of teams around you got shutout, you did eek out one win
21 Miami (FL) A 2 loss team being 43 in the NET is a little odd, but I still think they are a Sweet 16 contender
22 Missouri I apologize for not ranking you last week, but losing @ Arkansas is not a bad loss
23 Providence I don't know if Ed Cooley was ever gone, but he certainly is back
24 Ohio State IDK man just an eye test thing. My eyes tell me they play like the 24th best team in the country
25 Clemson Only undefeated team left in the ACC. Watch for them to finish below .500

Overall Rationale

HM: Saint Mary's, Indiana, Marquette, Baylor, Wisconsin, Auburn