eyesack10's Week 11 Ballot

1 Houston Still got it (kinda)
2 Kansas We learned more about Iowa State than we did Kansas
3Alabama Is anyone good enough to beat Alabama right now? Nah
4 Purdue Please forgive me fellow boilers but it had to be done. Crimson tide is too good
5 UCLA Running a train on the Pac12
6Texas Took care of business, we’ll see how long it lasts
7 Gonzaga Hard to finish in Provo just ask the Mormons
8 Tennessee This is your average market pullback
9Xavier Might be really good?
10Iowa State Might also be legit?
11 Virginia Patiently waiting for them to mess up
12 TCU Remember when we thought this team was bad?
13Auburn Squad wiped Mississippi
14 Kansas State who cares about the TCU loss? Not me! Let’s see what next week has in store
15Arizona Slowly moving my hand toward the panic button but not there yet
16 Marquette Shaka’s best crew in awhile
17 UConn UCONN what haaaapppeennnnedddduhhhhh. Seriously though get it together
18 Providence Hard to win in Omaha. This is your one good excuse
19 Baylor Who knew! Baylor might still be decent!
20Illinois Thanks to skyy Clark, Illinois might be back
21 Florida Atlantic Roll owls roll
22 NC State Thank you for showing us that miami is overrated
23 Arkansas One loss from unrankedness. Looked bad this week
24 Clemson Welcome to the top 25 baby
25 Saint Mary's Underrated

Overall Rationale

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