Travbowman's Week 11 Ballot

1 Kansas Best resume and extending that lead
2 Purdue More impressive set of wins than Houston
3Houston Computer numbers are amazing, the AAC is not
4 Alabama They do nearly everything well
5 UCLA Quietly moving up still
6Gonzaga Survived a tough road stretch
7 Xavier Best team in Big East so far
8 Arizona This team is confusing
9UConn Will the real UConn please stand up?
10Tennessee This team would be amazing if not for the complete offensive lapses they go through
11 Kansas State Nothing wrong with losing at TCU
12 Iowa State Nothing wrong with losing in AFH
13Charleston Give these guys a protected seed in March!
14 Texas Did we write them off too fast after the K st game?
15Virginia I can't believe this is my top ranked team of the ACC
16 Florida Atlantic Give these guys a protected seed in March too!
17 Auburn I may have been too hard on them earlier
18 Saint Mary's I can't wait to see them vs Gonzaga
19 Miami (FL) OT loss on road isn't terrible
20Providence Have to drop them a little
21 Rutgers A third of the way through conference season and they are B1G title candidates
22 NC State These guys are better than expected
23 Marquette Can't drop them much after Xavier loss
24 TCU Big 12 games are all tough
25 Boise State MWC leaders deserve a slot

Overall Rationale

Will college basketball stop being so crazy and unpredictable this year? Probably not.