RagingLasagna's Week 11 Ballot

1 Houston Probably going to be here until they lose
2 Kansas They just find ways to win games
3Alabama Looking extremely dominant
4 Purdue I think Bama is just better
5 UCLA Looking like the cream of the Pac 12
6Gonzaga West Coast best coast?
7 Xavier I'm sold. Shoutout to Cintas
8 Tennessee Yikes
9Texas Nothing about this team seems convincing but they win
10Virginia Thank you for your service Tony
11 Arizona Oregon was a preseason Top 25 team, but they're not anymore
12 UConn "If I'm getting blown out, I'm getting thrown out" - Sanogo - Tate Frazier
13Charleston The best team in the South?
14 Iowa State Iowa State gets the tie break bc of the H2H win
15TCU Purple Frogs
16 Florida Atlantic HOOT HOOT
17 Kansas State Tang to Texas?
18 Saint Mary's The pace between the Gaels and the Zags will be a phenomenal watch
19 Marquette Is Shaka trustworthy?
20Arkansas Yikes
21 Miami (FL) Can't get knocked too much for an OT loss bc that's actually a draw
22 Clemson Still waiting for the colossal meltdown
23 NC State Kevin Keats is a winner
24 New Mexico Huge win for Howard from the Big Bang Theory
25 Kent State They might run through the entire MAC

Overall Rationale

Next 5: Auburn, San Diego State, Baylor, Duke, Providence