TommyTwoTaps's Week 11 Ballot

1 Kansas LW: 1 (-) ... really gritty win against ISU. 6-1 in Q1 and 11-1 combined with Q2, hence being ahead of Houston and Purdue.
2 Purdue LW: 3 (+1) ... see second part of above for why they're second.
3Houston LW: 2 (-1) ... falling a spot to due having a weaker resume than the top two. But I would understand arguments for either three teams. I just have seen the others perform against top comp
4 UCLA LW: 5 (+1) ... was impressed with how they turned the tables and dominated Colorado after trailing midway through the second half.
5 Alabama LW: 8 (+3) ... jumping over the Longhorns, perhaps should have been higher last week as well. Ahead of the Zags now despite the h2h loss as they've really impressed since
6Texas LW: 6 (-) ... not sure they played their best last week, but gutted out too tough wins.
7 Xavier LW: 9 (+2) ... advanced metrics and NET don't do this team justice. Three ranked losses to go with 5 Q1 wins, this team is looking like a frisky pick for March
8 Gonzaga LW: 7 (-1) ... dropping a spot due to the recent close games against WCC foes. I don't think this is one of the best Gonzaga teams of late, but they do seem to play well as a unit
9Tennessee LW: 4 (-5) ... May be a spot too far of a drop, but the Zags have more wins in the Q1-2. Not a bad loss to Kentucky, who I believe will continue to get things worked out
10Virginia LW: 15 (+5) ... two good wins
11 Auburn LW: 18 (+7) ... not sure if they are the 11th best team, but they keep winning games they should against Q2 teams.
12 Iowa State LW: 13 (+1) moving up a spot despite the loss as they have the h2h over TCU. Big matchup against Texas this week... the Big12 is so stacked.
13TCU LW: 16 (+3) ... bounced back nicely after falling in a game they perhaps should have had on the road against Texas. impressed a lot by the k state win, hence the move up despite losing
14 Kansas State LW: 12 (-2) ... rough loss to end a good run of wins, but the fall isn't far.
15Saint Mary's LW: 20 (+4) .... I don't like the two Q3 losses, but they keep winning and others don't.
16 NC State LW: 24 (+8) ... the quality of the ACC will hold them back in a lot of rankings, but they've played well against the conference which ultimately see a likely 6-8 bids
17 Arizona LW: 11 (-6) ... Oregon on the road isn't a normally a bad loss. The lopsided part is bad, but the Ducks have good program history and talent to make it a bit more understandable
18 Miami (FL) LW: 17 (-1) ... dropping only one spot as the NC State game could have gone their way.
19 Charleston LW: 21 (+2) ...17 straight wins is impressive and they move up due to others losing. Schedule will hurt them as the season goes on and others have better wins.
20Florida Atlantic LW: 25 (+5) ... same as above, although NET is very favorable to them.
21 Rutgers LW: NR ... Ranked Rutgers is here and deservedly so. The defense is the real deal, 2nd in KenPom and 3rd in Torvik. Impressed with how well they seem to take care of the ball
22 Providence LW: 23 (+1) ... moving up despite the loss to Creighton, which really isn't a bad loss. They have wins over UConn and Marquette and are second in a strong upper half of the conference
23 Marquette LW: NR ... into the rankings this week as I had been holding off as to not be a homer. But they've played well on offense and a strong resume. Ahead of UConn due to h2h and recent form
24 UConn LW: 10 (-14) ... the Big East loves to cannibalize itself with the Huskies being a victim along with Creighton. The SJU loss was ugly and perhaps this drop is too harsh, but haven't liked what I see
25 Baylor LW: NR ... the Bears are back after two quality wins. No game in the B12 is easy and two more up this week.

Overall Rationale

OUT: Arkansas (14), Duke (19), Wisconsin (22); 26-30: Arkansas, Clemson, Duke, Illinois, Nevada | I doubt anyone reads this, but on the off chance you do, you need to do yourself a favor and watch the MWC. It's such a competitive and entertaining conference that is deserving of the more than 3 projected seeds.