eyesack10's Week 12 Ballot

1 Alabama Hottest team in the country
2 Purdue By default
3Texas Quietly taking care of business
4 Houston Still a great team
5 UCLA loss @ Arizona means nothing
6Tennessee Good team
7 Kansas Loss at K State is negligible but TCU smoked em
8 Virginia Overrated in a bad conference
9Kansas State BACK
10Iowa State Still good
11 Arizona Much needed win
12 TCU Pretty neutral week leaning towards good
13Xavier Depaul! Really!
14 Auburn Silent but deadly
15Marquette Shaka is good
16 Baylor Still really good
17 Saint Mary's Best team in their conference
18 Gonzaga Dead
19 Charleston Gonna lose soon so hold onto this ranking
20Florida Atlantic Best mid major?
21 UConn One loss from extinction
22 Miami (FL) Overrated but who else to put here?
23 Indiana Pains me but they’re back
24 Providence Almost dead
25 Rutgers Still a top 3 big ten team

Overall Rationale