peachios's Week 12 Ballot

1 Purdue back again, will they lose this week again?, were damn close sunday
2 Alabama easy winning, is bama a bball school?
3Kansas State huge jump i guess big wins all year and just been climbing
4 Kansas rough rough week, but still a great resume, 2 losses to 2 solid team 3 overall and many great wins so far this year so idk (also many lost htis week so weird top 10)
5 Tennessee hey didnt lose, kinda a normal reg season for ol' barnes hope they do well in the tourney
6Texas rough loss but iowa state really showing up this year
7 Houston bi gdrop temple isn't great through, and while many wins are good not a ton of them, but still a natty contender
8 Arizona big win kinda worse losses than ucla but one of icla's is to zona so idk
9UCLA wrote above
10Virginia man big comeback year for the ex coug
11 TCU loss, not ggood to wvu, win uh yeh thats kinda insane
12 Iowa State wbig win against texas then goes and loses to osu
13Xavier by 1 is sometmes not even a loss, but getting effected even tho was @
14 Marquette
15Baylor big week coming up normal kansas and our kansas is a strange one
16 Gonzaga huh they never lose this time of year localized entirely within your kitchen
17 Auburn only 3 losses and this low seems bad, but kinda weak schedule for a big confrernce team
18 Providence friars less fat
19 Saint Mary's they're like gonzaga of old, computer love them (tho unlike zags no big ooc games)
20Florida Atlantic at a point never losing is a thng
21 Duke its almost like they needed time to gel
22 Miami (FL)
23 NC State
24 New Mexico
25 UConn

Overall Rationale