RagingLasagna's Week 12 Ballot

1 Alabama Basketball school?
2 Purdue All this just to lose to IU
3Houston Blip
4 Tennessee Every game is a snooze fest but they're also putting teams in chokeholds
5 UCLA Road loss
6Arizona Sloppy win
7 Virginia Kihei Clark winningest UVA player ever, pretty neat
8 Kansas State The
9TCU Big 12
10Kansas Is
11 Iowa State So hard
12 Texas To rank
13Xavier Maybe DePaul is just good?
14 Charleston Lose a game and we can reassess #HatersStayMad
15Gonzaga Tough way to break the home winning streak
16 Marquette Smoked Baylor
17 Baylor I really wanted to rank them 13 but just can't
18 UConn Insert Tom Petty song here
19 Florida Atlantic This spot is also dedicated to the Temple Owls for their big win, HOOT HOOT (Sorry, Rice)
20Saint Mary's New WCC favorite?
21 New Mexico This team is so much fun to watch
22 San Diego State Dutch looks like a funeral home director
23 Kent State Flashing at the right time
24 Auburn Worst good team in the country?
25 North Carolina #25 ranking goes to Armando Bacot

Overall Rationale

HM: Miami, Providence, NC State, Duke, Memphis