TommyTwoTaps's Week 12 Ballot

1 Alabama LW: 5 (+4) ... I originally had Purdue 1, but made the swap last minute. Purdue has a better Q1 record, but I've been incredibly impressed with how Alabama is dominating opponents
2 Purdue LW: 2 (-) ... Alabama has won 8 straight by almost 21 ppg. Against similar comp, Purdue has won its last 6 by under 10 ppg. I find the Tides wins be more impressive, but its tight between the two
3Houston LW: 1 (-2)
4 Tennessee LW: 9 (+5)
5 Virginia LW: 10 (+5)
6Kansas State LW: 14 (+8)
7 Kansas LW: 1 (-6)
8 Auburn LW: 11 (-3)
9Texas LW: 6 (-3)
10Arizona LW: 17 (+7)
11 UCLA LW: 4 (-7)
12 Iowa State LW: 12 (-)
13TCU LW: 13 (-)
14 Xavier LW: 7 (-7) ... brutal loss to DePaul, but I still really enjoy this team
15Saint Mary's LW: 15 (-)
16 Marquette LW: 23 (+7) ... tops in adjO in KenPom and Torvik, but the defense worries me so much.
17 Gonzaga LW: 8 (-9) ... the Zags drop this far, and arguably could be farther down, not just because of the loss, but also because of underperforming against weaker WCC foes.
18 Baylor LW: 25 (+) ... Baylor has done well navigating the weaker foes in the Big 12, something others have struggled with. The next three games will be a big challenge.
19 Charleston LW: 19 (-)
20Florida Atlantic LW: 20 (-)
21 Duke LW: 16 (-5)
22 NC State LW: NR
23 Miami (FL) LW: 18 (-5)
24 New Mexico LW: NR ... h2h over SDSU
25 San Diego State LW: NR ... currently the best in the MWC, which has some good teams in it. As always, very good defensively

Overall Rationale

OUT: Rutgers (21), Providence (22), UConn (24) | 26-30: Clemson, UNC, Providence, UConn, Boise State Ranking the Big 12 teams is hard given how deep that conference is and how frequent "upsets" happen. I recognize TCU just hammered Kansas, but they've also dropped 3 of 5. So they didn't move. Similarly for Iowa State, dropping 2 of 3 with the one win being a ranked win. Kansas boasts a strong resume and remains in the top 10 because of it. The Jayhawks are also second in the conference, so I don't think it's far off having them as the 2nd highest ranked team... UConn has fallen out as the team really hasn't impressed recently, dropping another conference game to Seton Hall. I imagine others will keep them in the top 25 as will the AP, but I don't see this team as one of the 25 best currently. In regards to Clemson, advanced Metrics tend to back me up in not having them top25. I understand they're tops in the conference, but I'm not fully sure they are top 25 despite some good wins.