peachios's Week 13 Ballot

1 Purdue at least this seems easy
2 Tennessee solid win against texas
3Kansas State the 2-5 seems hard to compare kinda, lose to a good team, boinced back fine, have a real rough week coming up
4 Alabama lost in a super weird loss, and bad loss, but do have a great resume
5 Houston another great resume, not many losses
6Arizona rollin' through the pac only "worry" is against ucla at the end of the year, but they did already win and ucla seems to be slowing
7 Virginia
8 Texas lost to a top team but are a good team
9Kansas wtf is the b12, lost to baylor who is on the up and have basiaclly 2 top 10 teams upcoming
10Iowa State losing to mizzou seems bad but also beat k state?
11 Baylor scott drews got them back on schedule
12 UCLA after 2 rough weeks have the washingtons who basically suck
14 Marquette
16 TCU
17 Saint Mary's
18 Florida Atlantic
19 Providence
20NC State
21 Boise State
22 San Diego State
23 Memphis
24 Indiana
25 UConn idk such a weird freefall and dont seem like they should be herebut also do seem, and kenpom#6 still somehow

Overall Rationale