Travbowman's Week 13 Ballot

1 Purdue Resume could survive a loss and be the best at this point
2 Arizona Their last four wins have all been really good ones
3Alabama That trip to Norman was ugly, ngl
4 Houston Didn't look great in the weekend win
5 Kansas Snapped the losing streak in impressive fashion
6Tennessee Now have two really good wins over Kansas and Texas
7 UCLA Loss to USC wasn't a bad one
8 Gonzaga Really need a win vs SMC this week to prove they belong with the top ten teams
9Kansas State Small drop after ISU loss
10Virginia Quietly keep winning
11 Xavier Still a very good resume
12 Baylor Seem to have rebounded from their earlier struggles
13Iowa State Not a good look in the loss at Mizzou
14 Florida Atlantic Say it again: send them to Orlando as a protected seed!
15Marquette Big East title hopes?
16 Saint Mary's Great metrics but need a marquee win
17 UConn Can't figure this team out
18 Texas Loss at Tennessee wasn't bad
19 TCU Have to figure out perimeter shooting
20San Diego State Class of a good MWC
21 Providence In Cooley I trust
22 Indiana Putting together a good streak of wins
23 Memphis Quietly having a solid season
24 Illinois I guess they're back?
25 Boise State MWC is deep this year

Overall Rationale

Another week, another 13 teams from my list lost.