eyesack10's Week 13 Ballot

1 Purdue Duh
2 Tennessee Great team now
3Houston Neutral week
4 Alabama Still a top 5 team until proven otherwise
5 Arizona Back like they never left
6Kansas Not ready to kill them yet
7 Kansas State Very much still alive
8 Virginia Play someone already
9UCLA Market pullback
10Marquette Hot hot hot
11 Baylor Back
12 Texas Lost another winnable game
13Iowa State Ehh
14 Gonzaga Ehh again
15Saint Mary's Beat Gonzaga already
16 Xavier Neutral
17 TCU Neutral
18 Florida Atlantic Best team in the nation (probably)
19 Providence Patches is a top 5 coach
20Clemson Dead once they lose once more
21 Indiana So back
22 Creighton So back (but more back than IU)
23 Texas A&M Deserve it
24 Auburn Almost dead but lasted longer than i expected
25 UConn Come on do something

Overall Rationale

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