RagingLasagna's Week 13 Ballot

1 Purdue Probably should be unanimous
2 Tennessee That Colorado loss continues to be so puzzling
3Houston Slow and steady wins the race
4 Alabama That loss means they cannot claim Jalen Hurts for the Super Bowl
5 Arizona Tubelis could Pokemon evolve into Sabonis
6Virginia Spoiler: the team ahead of them in the ACC is not ranked
7 Kansas Something so forgiving about this team
8 UCLA After the recent conspiracy with the Grizzlies scorekeeper, I think Jaime Jaquez Jr. deserves to be the real Triple J
9Iowa State I do not trust this team come March, but good news for them is that it is still January
10Kansas State I also don't know if I trust them solely based on some of the jerseys they are wearing
11 Texas They just play gross basketball, I do not understand how they are good and win games
12 Baylor That midseason slip up was really weird, but Scott Drew looks to have the boys cooking - wish Mayer would've stayed
13Marquette If they keep winning, it's a high quality loss for Central Michigan
14 TCU This team is so weird to judge. It's like if Auburn was good
15Gonzaga Needed Timme to have o32.5 pts, rebs, assts against Portland and he went for 8-5-5
16 Xavier Souley Boum is the real deal, but they still feel like a fringe Sweet 16 team
17 Florida Atlantic Longest win streak in the country (s/o to the announcer for all the Seinfeld references)
18 San Diego State Is the Mountain West the 3rd best conference behind the Big 12 and Big East?
19 Saint Mary's Randy Bennett - a lot of wins, not a lot of hair
20Providence KenPom has them 169 (nice) in luck this year
21 New Mexico There's something about this team man, they're really good and really fun to watch
22 UConn Great effort against Xavier but still an L. One more and you're probably gone
23 North Carolina It would be almost un American to have both Carolina and Duke unranked
24 Northwestern I can't tell if Boo Buie is a cool name or not but this could become America's team
25 Charleston Cougars, I'm giving you one last chance, don't blow it

Overall Rationale

26-30: Indiana, Illinois, Creighton, Clemson, Memphis | Unbeaten teams in conference play to monitor and maybe throw a vote to in the coming weeks: Eastern Washington, Oral Roberts, Colgate