TommyTwoTaps's Week 14 Ballot

1 Purdue LW: 1 (-) ... Can't drop them after the loss, 9-2 against Q1 opps and both losses to likely tournament teams
2 Alabama LW: 4 (+2) ... absolutely dismantled a Vandy team that ranks higher than both of Houstons two wins for this past week.
3Houston LW: 3 (-) ... see above... The quality of the AAC brings this team down a little, though they do a good job at closing out games
4 Arizona LW: 6 (-) ... nothing but bad losses ahead up until the last two games in my opinion, though Utah wouldn't be a terrible one. Nonetheless, this team is firing well right now
5 Tennessee LW: 2 (-3) ... good bounce back after the ugly loss to UF. Defense is the focal point of this team
6Texas LW: 10 (+4) ... A pair of top-15 wins this week in the week, very impressed with how this team has played after the beard situation
7 Saint Mary's LW: 11 (+4) .. finally showed me something in the Zags game, really impressed.
8 Marquette LW: 12 (+4)
9UCLA LW: 15 (+6)
10Virginia LW: 5 (-5) ... bad loss to VT that keeps them out of the top of the ACC. Two potentially AP ranked games this week against my 19th and 22nd teams.
11 Kansas LW: 9 (-2) ... only won 3 of the last 7, but 6 of those were ranked games and another coming up against UT. Absolutely brutal stretch of games.
12 Baylor LW: 8 (-4)
13Kansas State LW: 7 (-6) ... 8 ranked games in the last 11, going 4-4 in the period but losing 3 straight. The Big 12 is so stacked.
14 Xavier LW: 17 (+3)
15Iowa State LW: 14 (-2)
16 Gonzaga LW: 13 (-3) ... while not as good as prior Zags teams, still a good team. Not surprised by the result against St Mary's/
17 Indiana LW: 23 (+6) ... the loss to maryland on the road is heavily negated by the win against Purdue
18 TCU LW: 16 (-2)
19 NC State LW: 24 (+5)
20Auburn LW: 20 (-) ... if this team shot mediocrely, they would've beat Tennessee. Really good on defense though
21 Providence LW: 21 (-)
22 Duke LW: NR
23 Creighton LW: NR ... This team deserves to be ranked. Bounced back nicely after taking some lumps early on
24 Pitt LW: NR ... quite the turnaround for this team after the past few seasons. Poised for the first winning season in since 15-16 and playing well en route to it
25 San Diego State LW: 22 (-3) ... Staying in as the best of the MWC, despite the loss. This should be a 5-bid league and it could make noise in the tourny if all 5 make it too

Overall Rationale

Out: Clemson (18), Florida Atlantic (19), Boise State (25) | 26-30: Miami, Texas A&M, Rutgers, Nevada, UConn | UConn continues to look shaky, hence staying out. Creighton, on the other hand, has bounced back nicely from a brutal stretch of losses earlier in the year. Clemson is out after two losses, despite still leading that conference with another test next weekend against UNC.