brvheart's Week 14 Ballot

1 Purdue Same amount of losses as Houston, but Houston lost @ home to Temple.
2 Houston
3Texas Whoever is #1 in the Big 12 is in my top 3 for the rest of the season. Nobody had two better wins this week.
4 Arizona
5 Alabama
6Saint Mary's
8 Tennessee Double digit loss to a bad Florida team. (but it was on the road)
9Iowa State #2 in the Big 12. Horrible loss to Texas Tech (by 3) followed up by blowout of Kansas.
10Virginia Bad loss, but it was a semi-rivalry on the road.
11 Kansas Blown out by ISU.
12 Kansas State Two losses this week. One double digit loss on the road, and one close loss at home. Needed that home win.
13Baylor Lost, but it was on the road to a top 3 team by 5.
14 Xavier
16 TCU
17 Gonzaga
18 San Diego State
19 Indiana Bad loss to Maryland, but they did beat #1 at home by 5.
20West Virginia
21 Arkansas
22 Creighton
23 Providence
24 Miami (FL)
25 Auburn

Overall Rationale