Travbowman's Week 14 Ballot

1 Purdue They were far enough ahead of the field that a close road loss doesn't drop them
2 Arizona Very good resume
3Alabama Small gap between the top 3
4 Houston Got revenge against Temple
5 UCLA Rematch vs Arizona looks huge
6Texas I was too low on them. Corrected now
7 Xavier Freemantle injury leaves big hole
8 Kansas This stretch has been a brutal schedule
9Tennessee Loss plus controversial win is not the best week
10Marquette Quietest top ten team this season?
11 Saint Mary's Impressive comeback vs Zags
12 Gonzaga Really need to win out to get a protected seed
13Kansas State Rough week but losses to top ten teams aren't terrible
14 Virginia ACC down bad
15Iowa State Good win on Saturday
16 Florida Atlantic Won't drop them much for losing at a UAB team with Walker.
17 UConn Beating who they should
18 Baylor Up and down again
19 NC State Second best team in ACC?
20TCU Gotta figure out offense
21 San Diego State Small drop
22 Indiana Loss to UMD drops them, but win vs number one brings them back
23 Creighton Back in the rankings after December collapse
24 Rutgers Big road tests coming up this week
25 Duke Somebody has to be 25th?

Overall Rationale

This time 15 of my 25 lost. Will the chaos ever slow down?