RagingLasagna's Week 14 Ballot

1 Houston At least they beat Temple
2 Purdue I can't let you lose and stay #1, but I also can't knock you very much for losing by 5 @ IU. Truly more like a 1a and 1b than 1 and 2
3Alabama Brandon Miller should be the #1 overall pick
4 Arizona Tubelis is First Team All American level good
5 UCLA Other than your crush dating someone else, no stronger jealously than Tyger Campbell's hair
6Tennessee They look not dangerous at all and I very much don't trust them
7 Texas They look really dangerous but I still don't trust them
8 Kansas It's hard to win in Hilton, but you gotta score more than 53 points
9Virginia Bennett Ball will always prevail
10Saint Mary's Call me The Monkees because I'm a Believer
11 Iowa State Caleb Grill's hair is kinda sick. ISU fans I know you whooped Kansas, but you also lost to Texas Tech
12 Baylor My pick to win the Big 12. I say as I rank 3 B12 teams above them
13Marquette I can't believe this is the highest ranked Big East team, all because they opened with a win over my Chippewas
14 Kansas State I have to drop you more than a few if you go 0-2
15Xavier If only the Kelce's would've played football at Xavier
16 Gonzaga They just feel like a 4 seed that'll go to the Elite 8
17 TCU Continues to be one of the weirdest teams to evaluate
18 Providence Any game that goes into OT is essentially a draw and you just get 1 point instead of 3
19 Indiana What an environment in Assembly Hall, game of the year candidate. Just really wish they hadn't gotten wiped by Maryland
20UConn Maybe a little too close against the Hoyas, but that's still a conference road win
21 Miami (FL) They're gonna mess around and win the ACC
22 San Diego State Weird loss, but I still feel very confident in this team to keep them in this 21-25 range
23 Creighton This could be the scariest 6 seed known to man
24 Florida Atlantic Getting the Charleston treatment. You have one more week to show me why you still belong here
25 Oral Roberts The pronunciation of Max Abmas still blows my mind

Overall Rationale

HM: Rutgers, Duke, Illinois, NC State, Eastern Washington