liamliam1234liam's Week 14 Ballot

1 UConn
2 Purdue
4 Auburn
5 Arizona
6North Carolina
7 Tennessee
9Iowa State
11 Wisconsin
12 Illinois
14 Marquette
16 Duke
17 New Mexico
18 Dayton
19 Creighton
20San Diego State
21 Saint Mary's
22 Indiana State
23 Florida Atlantic
24 South Carolina
25 Kentucky

Overall Rationale

6 losses = top 20 in both Kenpom and Barttorvik / 5 losses = top 25 in both Kenpom and Barttorvik / 4 losses = top 30 in both Kenpom and Barttorvik. That covers twenty teams. Next three spots go to the best team in the WCC, the best team in the MVC, and the best team in the American conference. Dealer’s choice for final two spots. Chose South Carolina, because wins over Kentucky, Tennessee, and Michigan State should outweigh that one bad loss to Georgia. And then Kentucky still looks like the best 5/6-loss team remaining.