Ted_Lavie's Week 14 Ballot

1 Purdue 0 - Another huge win, this time in Madison - as they keep fighting for the top spot
2 UConn 0 - They were close from taking the top spot from Purdue but Purdue latest elite road win keeps them above UConn
3Tennessee +2 - Losing against South Carolina wasn't a great start of the week, but what a win at Rupp to end it
4 Kansas +2 - I still worry about the lack of quality true road wins of KU, but that was an impressive display of strength
5 North Carolina -2 - Feels dirty to drop UNC two spots after a win against Duke, but that's more a reflection of that mid-week stinker in GT
6Houston -2 - Houston clearly wasn't ready to be favourites on the road in Kansas. They're still well in play for a top seed in March.
7 Marquette +1 - Picking two straight road wins is never easy, even though the opposition isn't the greatest
8 Wisconsin -1 - Wisconsin inconsistency in defending or shooting (in this Sunday case it was the latter that failed) the 3 makes it hard to trust them for March tbh.
9Auburn 0 - Did what they were supposed to do this week
10Arizona +1 - Did what they were supposed to do this week
11 Illinois +1 - Tougher home win than you'd expect against Nebraska.
12 South Carolina +12 - Biggest mover of the week and deservedly so. They were primed for a letdown game after that huge win in Knoxville but no they took care of business in UGA. What a week.
13Kentucky -3 - I don't love dropping them down only 3 spots after 2 home losses, included one against UF.
14 Iowa State 0 - Nothing to be ashamed in losing on the road to a ranked team.
15Alabama +10 - Bama also had a great week with a win in Athens and a dismantling of this pollster darling Miss St
16 Dayton +2 - Did what they were supposed to do this week
17 Duke NR - Duke was 27th and 26th the weeks prior. They separated themselves from the ACC bubble by winning in VT.
18 Baylor -5 - I had them ranked way too high last week but realized that too late. Had to adjust despite them having a great week
19 Northwestern -2 - Not all OT road losses are created equal. Wish they hadn't dropped that Sat game in Minny.
20Ole Miss 0 - They had the week I expected them to have
21 Mississippi State -6 - I'm still a believer in Miss St but that was an awful showing in Tuscaloosa.
22 TCU -6 - Maybe the Horns down shirts weren't that great of an idea huh?
23 Creighton -4 - Every time I think I'm starting to like Creighton they do something like this.
24 Nebraska NR - Finally showed some teeth on the road 3 days after a huge win vs Wisconsin. They're well on their way to book a ticket for March
25 Utah State -4 - Missed the cut: Seton Hall and Texas Tech (both dropped out of the rankings)

Overall Rationale

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