SaguaroCactus19's Week 14 Ballot

1 UConn In my opinion, UConn deserves to stay at the top with the way they are playing right now.
2 Purdue Purdue's win on the road against Wisconsin is yet another boost to their resume, but I'm going to leave them in #2.
3Kansas Although they have had rough losses recently, they beat one of the best teams in the nation, Houston. Therefore, I will rank Kansas at #3 because they are looking really good right now.
4 North Carolina They are out of the top 3 because of the loss to Georgia Tech, but beating Duke at home softens their fall.
5 Houston They didn't feel like themselves against Kansas, but the win against Texas on the road last Monday keeps them on the top 5 for me.
6Tennessee I think the loss to South Carolina at home is forgivable, considering they won against Kentucky on the road.
7 Marquette Road wins to Villanova and Georgetown (especially crushing them by more than 30 points) gets them here.
8 Duke Duke is such an iffy team; I think they have shown their weaknesses in a tough matchup against UNC.
9Arizona Arizona is finally in sole possession of 1st place in the Pac-12 with two home wins, just need to win on the road though.
10Wisconsin Tough loss against Nebraska on the road, and tough loss against Purdue at home. Not looking too good right now
11 Auburn Auburn FINALLY got a Q1 win against Ole Miss on the road, so they are back in this.
12 Illinois Illinois nearly survives against Nebraska. Could have been worse to be honest
13Iowa State Heartbreaking loss to Baylor barely affects them, as they fought hard til the end
14 Baylor Like above, Baylor just snatching a win from Iowa State boosts their resume a bit
15Creighton They almost won against Butler, but they lost so down they go a couple spots
16 BYU BYU is better than most people think; that's why I have them relatively high on this top 25.
17 Florida Atlantic I still do not get FAU this season. Like at all. Sure, a win against Tulsa was arguably their best since Arizona, but still.
18 Dayton I have no comment on Dayton other than they seem to recover from the Richmond loss
19 Alabama Crushed MS State at home, they are playing amazing basketball as of late after losses to very tough teams.
20South Carolina Arguably one of the hottest teams right now. I wish I could rank them higher but they definitely will be in the AP top 25 come tomorrow.
21 Kentucky Not only did they lost to Tennessee at home, but they lost to Florida also at home. They are not doing so well right now.
22 Texas Tech Suddenly, they find themselves in a two-game losing streak, with losses to TCU and Cincinnati. Still in the top 25.
23 Utah State I'm not high on Utah State, and the loss to San Diego State proves my belief.
24 New Mexico Somehow, Boise State manages to win at The Pit, after New Mexico was doing so well at home.
25 Indiana State I felt compelled to put Indiana State in the top 25 (over TCU and Saint Mary's), as their only losses were Alabama, Michigan (both were tough teams), and Drake which they successfully avenged at home.

Overall Rationale

The Consideration Bubble: TCU, Saint Mary's, San Diego State, Oklahoma, Colorado State