Stepkeyt's Week 14 Ballot

1 UConn (1) Still the best team in the country
2 Purdue (2) A nice road win against Wisconsin but I dont think this team is better than UConn
3North Carolina (3) Slipped up on the road but rebounded with a nice home win against Duke
4 Tennessee (5) Slipped up against a solid South Carolina but won a big road game against Kentucky
5 Kansas (8) Big time win over Houston they came to play
6Houston (4) Struggled big time against Kansas and had a fight against Texas earlier in the week.
7 Duke (9) Quality Road loss
8 Marquette (11) They are on a roll and look dominant as ever even though they always did what Wisconsin did against Nebraska.
9Arizona (12) At home this team might be the best in the country on the road idk what they are.
10Wisconsin (7) Should have beat Nebraska.
11 Kentucky (6) Two tough losses but again two of them.
12 Auburn (14) Still beating up on weak teams.
13Iowa State (10) Wtf was that ending against Baylor
14 Illinois (15)
15Alabama (16) They are on a roll now and they actually look like a team that the metrics say they are.
16 Creighton (13) Tough home loss but still they blew a chance to win.
17 Baylor (22) Softest Ejection ever
18 South Carolina (NR) Metrics don't like them but they are winning on the road.
19 Dayton (21) Metrics love them but man im still not sure about this team they seem to just like to chuck up 3s.
20BYU (25) Looking more like their metrics everytime they play to me
21 Utah State (17) Idk where to put these MWC teams they all seem stuck together
22 New Mexico (18) MWC is Tough
23 San Diego State (23) MWC is tough
24 Indiana State (24) Big time win against Drake. Gonna be a popular upset pick in the tourney
25 Saint Mary's (NR) Look to be the best team in the WCC and a big time road win against Gonzaga.

Overall Rationale

Dropped Out: #19 TCU, #20 Texas Tech. Both of these teams are decent but idk they also don't seem to be better than the teams I have ranked.