ItsTheTenthDoctor's Week 14 Ballot

1 UConn UConn is officially a dynasty on par with the Celtics, Tom Brady, and the Roman Empire
2 Purdue 8 hours and $191 to go one way by train from Boston to DC. That's fucking attrocious. We need more and better trains holy shit.
3North Carolina UNC is Dukes little dommy mommy (wtf did I write)
4 Kansas Kansas still owns the big 12 over Houston
5 Marquette Can I get ughhhh number 5 at the market
6Tennessee As much as country music sucks, that strip in nashville is awesome
7 Houston Houston is actually trying to improve public transportation. Props to that but man they have a long way to go.
8 Illinois They're playing rn so im assuming they win. If not then I would have put them 3rd.
9Auburn This team is either very underrated or not or somewhere in the middle
10Arizona Are Arizona ice teas still cheap? Never liked them so idk but other people love these things.
11 Duke You put the D in BDSM with UNC
12 Baylor I typed in baylor fun facts and got "Baylor is among the 10 percent of U.S. universities with a Phi Beta Kappa chapter". That's a lame fun fact.
13Wisconsin Did the same with Wisconsin. Just gotta say UConn's ice cream is better.
14 Creighton Turn a crips hand upside down, call it flippping the bird.
15Kentucky Turn your hand upside down
16 Iowa State I'm eating dinner rn so I'll come back here most likely.
17 Dayton Guys we can't keep having that team dragging down the big east. I know it's been to long and I think it's time we add Daytong to the big east and get rid of Villanova.
18 Florida Atlantic Last years playoffs why you aint 19 B
19 BYU Taylor Swift
20South Carolina I was tempted to not rank this team as a meme.
21 Utah State You Colorado state and san diego state make rankings very complicated
22 Alabama Kenpom fans orgasming rn
23 Boise State I kept seeing teams lose to this team and now this team is placed here this team
24 Oklahoma Is this a kendrick lamar reference?
25 Indiana State Larry Bird effect

Overall Rationale

Your king never submits except for these perfect polls.