bkervick's Week 14 Ballot

1 UConn -- Clear separation for top 2, resume-wise. #1 in Torvik as well post-Clingan return.
2 Purdue -- Great win at Wisconsin and survived Northwestern at home.
3Houston Up 1. My 3,4,5 teams all took a bad loss and a good win and 6 lost twice. Houston's loss was the best of the group by far.
4 Kansas Up 3. Big home win vs. Houston, up to #4 in WAB. Was a lot of distance between them and Houston coming in so I can't jump them for a home head to head win where they shot hot.
5 North Carolina Down 2. Bad road loss and home win vs. Duke. Downward move but not so far down.
6Tennessee Down 2. Home loss and good road win at Kentucky. Downward move but not so far down.
7 Arizona Up 1. Couple of yawn home wins, at least Cal by proper margin.
8 Auburn Up 1. One buy game and one good road win.
9Marquette Up 2. Marquette climbs into top 10 for the first time in a while on heels of 6 game win streak, 2 road wins this week.
10Wisconsin Down 4. 2 loss week. Home loss to Purdue is understandable, road OT loss to Nebraska is understandable if not ideal. So only drop 4.
11 Alabama Up 1. Georgia game was a little shaky, but bounced back with really strong margin result home vs. Miss St.
12 Illinois Up 2. Took care of business at OSU and then snuck by Nebraska at home in OT.
13Creighton Down 3. Only beat DePaul by 33 and then ran into hot shooting Butler in the "Best First 38 Minutes of the Year".
14 Baylor Up 2. Stabilized in a big way this week with 1.19 WAB added. Pretty big tier break here for me.
15Dayton Up 4. Recovered and won both games this week. WAB still top 10.
16 Duke Up 1 I guess? Couple teams dropped and teams behind them also lost. This is a dead zone right now.
17 San Diego State Up 1 I guess? Another team that lost that moves up. Utah St win was impressive at least.
18 Indiana State Up 5. They just keep compiling wins and taking advantage of this section of the poll being dead..
19 Utah State Up 1 I guess? Lost at SDSU, but similar no one behind to jump.
20South Carolina New..2 road win week. Up to 10th in WAB. Predictive metrics up 30 in last few weeks to rankable territory. Huge
21 Iowa State -- Only game was loss at Baylor that they almost won at buzzer.
22 Texas Tech Down 7. Losing at TCU isn't ideal, but not horrible. Home to Cincy hurts a bit more.
23 BYU Up 1. Only match was easy win at West Virginia.
24 Florida Atlantic New. Win streak at 7. Survived North Texas and then another home yawner.
25 New Mexico Down 3. Only loss was surprising home loss to Boise St where Max Rice was out of body.

Overall Rationale

Out: Kentucky: 2 home losses and WAB is now in the 40s, predictives outside top 25. Ole Miss: Were 25th and split home games against good teams. Still on the fringe. Considered: St. Mary's (have won 15 of 16), Colorado St, Utah, Boise St