Brained07's Week 14 Ballot

1 UConn (hold) unquestionably the best team in the country
2 Purdue (hold) close call at nw but Purdue is still elite
3Kansas (+3) shouldn’t even be a question that they return to the top 3
4 Marquette (+4) two fantastic wins, very impressed with Marquette of late (UConn/marquette is going to be a game in two weeks)
5 Tennessee (hold) this may be controversial but I rate sc highly so the win at Kentucky balances that loss
6Houston (-3) hard to drop you a ton for losing to ku
7 North Carolina (-3) great Duke win, real ugly gt loss
8 Arizona (+3) this team will either be out first round or win the title, they’re so good when they’re on and so awful when they’re not
9Illinois (+5) dicey week, but there’s not much else
10Auburn (+7) much better thank you auburn
11 Florida Atlantic (+4) The fau hate is crazy
12 Wisconsin (-3) hard to kill you for losing to Purdue but idk about a loss to nebraskaball
13Baylor (+8) good jump
14 Duke (-4) i know that unc loss stung
15South Carolina (+11) very impressed
16 Kentucky (-9) ugly week for the wildcats
17 Utah State (-1) meh
18 Colorado State (+8) excellent
19 Creighton (-7) yeesh, butler?
20Dayton (+6) strong week
21 Boise State (+5) I like your blue football field
22 BYU (+4) solid week
23 New Mexico (-5) I rate Boise highly
24 TCU (+1) ugly loss, but a ranked win. you’re on borrowed time my friend
25 Texas Tech (-12) quite disappointing from ttu, I am not impressed anymore

Overall Rationale

Dropped: Oklahoma, Gonzaga, Ole Miss, Memphis, San Diego State