leprachaun77's Week 14 Ballot

1 Purdue Road win against Wisconsin is pretty dope
2 UConn
3North Carolina
4 Houston Road losses to top 10 teams aren't an issue.
5 Tennessee Home loss to a top 20 team is canceled out by a road win against a top 12 team.
7 Wisconsin
8 Marquette
9Duke Road losses to top 10 teams aren't an issue.
11 Iowa State 2 point loss to Baylor on the road I don't really care about
12 Baylor
13Utah State
14 BYU
16 Creighton Butler is looking pretty good and it was a close loss.
17 Texas Tech
18 Arizona
19 Kentucky
20San Diego State
21 New Mexico
22 South Carolina
23 Dayton
24 Saint Mary's A very different team from the dumpster fire that started the season.
25 Alabama

Overall Rationale

Butler is #26 and were ranked until I realized I forgot Kentucky.