Travbowman's Week 14 Ballot

1 UConn Please win out and take the 1 overall seed going into the tournament
2 Purdue Gritted out a couple of wins last week
3Kansas Still don't know what to think of a team that can beat UK, UConn, Tennessee, and Houston, but can lose to WVU and UCF
4 Houston Still a really good team tied at the top of the best conference
5 North Carolina Can't drop them too far for a close road loss
6Tennessee Nice rebound win after head scratching loss
7 Arizona Sleep-walking through final Pac 12 season?
8 Marquette Two matches with UConn coming up to prove they belong with top of the country
9Wisconsin Neither loss was bad, but it was still two losses in four days
10Dayton darkhorse F4 type team
11 Auburn Top of SEC is really fun
12 Creighton Really should not have lost that game on Friday
13Illinois Gutted out a win on Sunday vs Nebraska in OT
14 Alabama Finally getting the wins to match the metrics
15Utah State Who will win the MWC regular season title?
16 Iowa State Saturday night's match in Waco was one of the strangest ever
17 Baylor Scott Drew was ejected for this ranking
18 San Diego State Lurking
19 Florida Atlantic Best in AAC in year one
20Duke Talent is still there...big wins still to come?
21 Colorado State Got a road win this week
22 South Carolina Probably should not have left them off last week
23 BYU Surviving year one in the Big 12, impressive
24 Utah Beating Colorado is a solid win that went unnoticed
25 Indiana State This team is so fun to watch

Overall Rationale

Just missed: Kentucky, New Mexico, St Mary's, Oklahoma, Michigan St.