MAFIAxMaverick's Week 14 Ballot

1 Purdue Won a tougher week which edges them above UConn for me.
2 UConn See above.
3Kansas They had two dominant wins this week. Very close to UNC, but I give Kansas the edge given their results this week.
4 North Carolina A stunning loss to Georgia Tech but felt like the beat Duke comfortable. A lot of losing in the Top 10 makes me put UNC at 4.
5 Marquette Another undefeated week. Only one game this week. Team seems to be turning a corner.
6Tennessee Lost to an underrated South Carolina team and followed up with a big win at Kentucky.
7 Arizona Back to winning ways.
8 Houston Felt like it wasn't really close against Kansas.
9Illinois OT win against a Nebraska team that beat Wisconsin.
10Duke Never felt like they were close to beating UNC. The talent is there.
11 Auburn Rebounded with some dominant wins this week.
12 Wisconsin The collapse against Nebraska was bad. But they played Purdue very well.
13Baylor I feel like this is one of the most talented teams in the country if they can find consistency.
14 Alabama Bama is rolling through the SEC.
15South Carolina Right up there fighting for the SEC title. I don't feel like I've given them enough respect.
16 Florida Atlantic This week was a mess. FAU kept winning...this feels like the right spot for them.
17 Iowa State Tough loss to Baylor.
18 Kentucky Two rough losses this week, but it's a talented team.
19 Dayton Two wins this week and a great battle with Richmond for the A10.
20Creighton The supporting cast is really struggling around their 3 stars.
21 BYU Won their only game of the week.
22 Saint Mary's Winners of 10 in a row including a close win AT Gonzaga yesterday.
23 Grand Canyon Two of which was a close loss to South Carolina early. The Lopes are on my radar.
24 Indiana State Tearing their way through the MVC.
25 San Diego State MWC is a blood bath this year and I'm all for it. 25th is a tie between Utah State, Colorado State, and San Diego State.

Overall Rationale

There was a lot of shakeup in the Top 25 this week - so I went out of my way to watch some mid-major matchups this week. Had a lot of fun with it.