peachios's Week 15 Ballot

1 Purdue unanimous ish
2 Houston havent been super teted lately and have some good wins early still, jesus tulsa almost got doubled
3Alabama sec kinda easy this year?
4 Virginia acc kinda easy thisyear? lol, after the last two years being lower for their recent history seem back at it
5 Kansas big win this week over texas some losses but b12 does that to you i guess
6UCLA top of the pac12 dont actually seem "that" good at times, but are wining (probably cause the rest of us suck) and they have top end possibility
7 Texas at least back against wvu and ext week should be ezpz
8 Arizona basically what i said with ucla, and they lost to one of the baddies (who shot so well its wild)
9Baylor scott drew coachign well trying to win at kansas again
10Tennessee this team is hard to rank they have SOME great wins and some BAD losses (like both this week they shouldn't have lost but mizzou is good at least vandy isnt')
11 Marquette
12 Kansas State hmm losing to TTU is bad their old (age) coach maybe is't good (tho their old/last coach isn't a good guy) but TCU win is solid and have an easy okalhoma before iowa state whose on the wane atm
13Gonzaga february zags doing what they do
14 Indiana
16 Miami (FL)
17 Saint Mary's computer trickers getting caught out by loyola, tho they caught out gonzaga too.
18 Iowa State i dropped them a little lower as these losses arent great (tho osu on the up) and 8 losses seems bad, tho it is the b12
19 Creighton
20Florida Atlantic n
21 NC State
22 San Diego State
23 UConn
24 Missouri
25 Nevada

Overall Rationale