RagingLasagna's Week 15 Ballot

1 Alabama Of all the historic football programs that I thought could become a basketball school, Bama was not at the top of my list (Michigan was)
2 Houston It's probably better for everyone if they're ranked #2
3Purdue I still think the gap between 3-4 is substantial
4 UCLA I want to give a special shoutout to Jaime Jaquez Jr. for being one of only 10 players in UCLA history !! to be top 20 all time in points and rebounds
5 Kansas They are who we thought they were
6Texas I have no clue if he's eligible, but Rodney Terry has my vote for Coach of the Year
7 Virginia I would like to plead the 5th on the end of the Duke game
8 Arizona It's not even like they're losing to the top tier Pac-12 schools
9Baylor This is a Final Four level team
10Tennessee I'm gonna go on the record -- I think this team might stink
11 Gonzaga So many teams above them last week lost and they didn't
12 Marquette If Terry is not eligible, Shaka is COTY (with Painter and Oats next)
13Indiana TJD this, TJD that (and rightfully so), but Hood-Schifino is the x-factor
14 Saint Mary's I really hope LMU wins the WCC
15Iowa State Any word on if the entire NCAA Tournament is being played in Hilton?
17 Kansas State We need to take those two-tone jerseys and fire them into the sun
18 Xavier The powers that be knew all would implode if Sean Miller's team was too good
19 Miami (FL) I wish the ACC was better so I knew just how good this team is
20UConn Sanogo in the 3 point contest?
21 Providence What religion does a friar fall under?
22 TCU They deserve redemption against Northwestern State
23 San Diego State I don't fully understand the floor or the ceiling of this team
24 Florida Atlantic They answered the bell. Very impressive squad. Getting a Sweet 16 HOOT HOOT would be awesome
25 Oral Roberts Still undefeated in Summit play

Overall Rationale

HM: Illinois, Maryland, NC State, Northwestern, Pitt, Eastern Washington