Travbowman's Week 16 Ballot

1 Kansas Best resume in the country
2 Alabama Can't drop too much for a loss at Tennessee
3Houston Not sure what do do with them
4 Purdue Struggling on the road
5 UCLA Need signature wins
6Arizona Final match with UCLA should be fun
7 Texas Can they win the Big 12?
8 Baylor Need to figure out defense
9Virginia I don't know how they can go mich higher in this conference
10Gonzaga Still alive for another WCC title
11 Marquette Big East champs?
12 Saint Mary's Need to sweep Zags to win WCC outright
13Tennessee Up and down week
14 San Diego State Quietly a really good team in the metrics
15Kansas State Surprised to see th.on the 3 line in bracket preview
16 Xavier Want to see them healthy
17 UConn Getting hot at right time?
18 Northwestern Want to see if they can do this on the road now
19 Miami (FL) Good team in bad conference
20Indiana Rematch in West Lafayette this weekend will be huge
21 Iowa State Need to win outside of Ames
22 Creighton Small drop
23 Boise State Second best team in solid conference
24 Providence Back into my ballot
25 TCU Barely holding onto a spot

Overall Rationale

Feels like the top 30ish teams have been determined. At this point it's just small adjustments here and there.