RagingLasagna's Week 16 Ballot

1 Houston Sorry Houston fans, hard to keep you at 2 this week
2 Kansas That 2nd half against Baylor was enough to jump them to 2. Feels like they're peaking at the right time
3Alabama 1-1 last week with an extremely positive point differential
4 UCLA Right now, my National Champion pick
5 Purdue Their B10 schedule was frontloaded so they're getting the gauntlet now and it's catching up to them
6Arizona I want to believe in this team but some of those losses and Kriisa make it very difficult
7 Virginia 2-0 last week and was -35 in point differential in comparison to Bama
8 Texas I used to love Vince Young and Colt McCoy and Kevin Durant and idk what changed but something makes me never want to root for this school anymore
9Baylor Even with the loss, felt like nobody was worthy of jumping them
10Gonzaga This team is 10-17 ATS this year
11 Marquette Flip the Zags, they're 17-10 ATS
12 Tennessee Beat whomever you want, lose to whomever you want, this team does not pass my eye test at all
13Miami (FL) It's almost March, there's an ACC team with 5 losses and like no one is talking about them
14 UConn They seem to have their mojo back
15Saint Mary's I have scraped my knee falling off the hype train
16 Indiana TJD for Big Ten POY, Edey for NPOY
17 Iowa State 2 road wins all year and they were Jan. 4 and 7
18 Creighton They're either losing to Charleston in the first round or making the Final Four
19 Kansas State Much like Iowa State, they cannot win on the road. 3 wins and 1 of those is Cal
20Providence 3rd best rebounding margin in the country; could be useful in March
21 Xavier 5-4 in their last 9, just feels like they're running out of steam
22 San Diego State Lucky I don't unrank them for winning a game with 45 points
23 Oral Roberts All 4 losses are Q1 and they're undefeated in conference play. Not much more you can ask from a mid-major
24 TCU I love Jamie Dixon and especially Jamie Dixon's hair, but this does not feel like a second weekend team
25 Northwestern 328th in FG%, wild how that can equate to 20 wins

Overall Rationale

HM: NC State, Eastern Washington, FAU, Duke, Boise State