TommyTwoTaps's Week 16 Ballot

1 Kansas LW: 5 (+4) ... A second half masterclass against Baylor fueled a two Q1 win week. 13 Q1 wins on the season and if I had to pick a my current favorite to win the Tourney, its the Jayhawks
2 Alabama LW: 1 (-2) ... Keeping them ahead of Houston. I think they're still the better team with a top-10 road loss to the best def. team in the country not really hurting them in my eyes
3Houston LW: 2 (-3) ... Did a solid job against Memphis. I wish this team was tested more, but they're incredibly consistent, perhaps the most consistent team in the country.
4 Virginia LW: 4 (-) ... Say a prayer for your local UVA spread bettor, brutal week for them.
5 Purdue LW: 3 (-2) ... Crazy that the last time the played OSU it was a ranked matchup. Loss to UMD aside, I think they're still a step higher than UCLA.
6UCLA LW: 6 (-) ... Conference of champs is struggling a bit. Good team, but truthfully not certain about this team still.
7 Arizona LW: 9 (+2) ... Same as UCLA, just with some ugly losses.
8 Marquette LW: 10 (+2) ... I'll figure how I feel about this team by April
9Texas LW: 7 (-2) ... I mean who isn't losing to Texas Tech recently?
10Baylor LW: 8 (-2) ... Looked really good against Kanas until they didn't. Still have them in the tier above the teams all listed below.
11 Gonzaga LW: 13 (+2) ... What a way to avenge the LMU loss. Keeping them outside of the top-10 though as the defense seems incredibly shaky, hence its 88th AdjD. ranking
12 Saint Mary's LW: 12 (-) ... Must've gotten San Diego confused for SDSU. Avoided a very ugly loss there.
13Miami (FL) LW: 18 (+5) ... the ACC sucks this year and will probably get some bids based on conference pedigree. But this Miami team is incredibly impressive and if they weren't locked before they are now
14 Tennessee LW: 11 (-3) ... Massive respect to Tennessee for donating some wins to Kentucky so that the SEC gets another Tourney bid. Two wins in the last 6, both ranked and all four losses unranked lol
15Creighton LW: 15 (-) ... 8-game win streak snapped in what was a fantastic game against Providence. The Big East is fun.
16 UConn LW: 19 (+3) ... UConn v Providence is must watch this week
17 San Diego State LW: 21 (+4) ... A 45-43 win over mediocre Fresno is a peak SDSU Sicko win. This conference is such a blast to watch in the most disgusting way sometimes
18 Kansas State LW: 16 (-2) ... Road loss to the worst team in conference followed by a ranked win at home is peak 2022-23 Big 12 Basketball, which is exactly what KSU did.
19 Northwestern LW: NR ... Jumping all the way in after knocking off Indiana (again). Are they really the 19th best team in country? Probs not, but they're winning big games as of late
20Indiana LW: 14 (-6) ... Not prepared for the Purdue slander that could come from IU posters if the Hoosiers win again this week. Bar graphs would pop off
21 Texas A&M LW: 24 (+3) ... Incredible how a team that is 20-7 and 12-2 in the SEC is this underrated. Two Q4 losses early yes, but this team is playing really well in a good conference
22 Providence LW: NR ... Followed up the Creighton win by showing up well against NOVA in what could have been a trap game with UConn looming.
23 Boise State LW: NR ... Two truly ugly wins this week. Probably could clinch a spot in the tourney if it goes at least 2-2 in the final four games, but all four could be tough
24 Iowa State LW: NR ... 1-1 against ranked teams. Could make an elite 8 run or lose to a 11-13 seed team
25 Oral Roberts LW: NR ... Because why not?

Overall Rationale

OUT: Pitt (20), TCU (22), NC State (23), Nevada (25) | 26-30: Maryland, NC State, TCU, Nevada, Kentucky | Maryland probably should be in over ORU, but like maybe beat Nebraska. Same with NC State, except swap Nebraska for Syracuse. Not sure which loss is worse of those two. Kentucky could be ranked in the AP Poll this week and I won't be surprised. The Wildcats will be in the tourney, blame Tennessee.