eyesack10's Week 17 Ballot

1 Houston Making its case for #1 overall seed
2 Alabama Things could go badly very quIckly for the tide
3Kansas It was the jerseys that threw them off
4 UCLA Mick might be right, maybe they are a 1 seed
5 Marquette Who else to put here?
6Purdue What the hell do i do with Purdue
7 Texas I thought you’d put up a better fight tbh texas
8 Gonzaga Back on the radar
9Baylor Things will either go very well or very badly for them in march
10Arizona I’m so sorry guys
11 Kansas State I hope everyone bought the dip
12 Tennessee Trending the same direction as purdue
13Saint Mary's It’s ok you’re still good, but Jesus your offense pains me
14 UConn BACK!
15Indiana Which changes things more? W @ Purdue or L @ MSU By 15?
16 Miami (FL) It was your fault for letting them hang around!
18 San Diego State Really solid team
19 Xavier Here by default
20Maryland Good job Kevin
21 Creighton Kinda got hosed but whatever
22 Texas A&M Really really really mediocre
23 Providence You can’t tell me this team isn’t top 25
24 Kentucky Might be back
25 Florida Atlantic NEVER LEFT!

Overall Rationale