peachios's Week 17 Ballot

1 Houston coasting
2 Alabama basically coasting now as well
3Kansas repeat talk incoming
4 UCLA looking scray still seems kinda quiet but i assume thats cause the pac sucks other than themand zona and they playt this week
5 Purdue anoyther rivalry loss, better get back together soon
6Texas idk if they deserve to be as high above baylor
7 Kansas State huge jump i feel
8 Baylor solid week sorta? at leas tey beat texas
9Marquette shaka needs s big time job again?
10Gonzaga hey they got th ewcc back
11 Arizona oof what a shitty way to lose, maybe punishing them too much for that
12 Indiana tough loss and great win
13San Diego State kinda gonzaga
14 UConn
16 Tennessee
17 Virginia yeesh what a terrile week
18 Miami (FL) hmm lost to fsu maybe deserve worse
19 Saint Mary's computer trickers? they did beat gonzga so lets see how it goes
20Texas A&M great win, to a bad loss
21 Providence losing to uconn is not a huge deal tho beating georgetown also isn't
22 TCU smilar, losing to kansas is a nothing burger and sneaking by ttu is good i guess
23 Maryland hey they won the head ot head with the wildcats
24 Northwestern also lost to th eillini maybe need to be out of here
25 Pitt

Overall Rationale