Travbowman's Week 17 Ballot

1 Kansas Should be one overall seed unless something weird happens
2 Alabama Seem to be weathering the PR storm somehow
3Houston Game at Memphis this week will be major test
4 UCLA Metrics say they're great. Still need the high quality win volume
5 Purdue February hasn't been kind the last two years
6Gonzaga Quietly have a strong resume
7 Texas Can still win Big 12 which would be a major statement
8 Marquette Will they get a 2 seed in March?
9Baylor Still can't trust their defense
10Arizona Can beat the best but have way too many head scratching losses
11 San Diego State E8 type team nobody predicted?
12 Kansas State Can they draw Des Moines for the opening weekend?
13UConn Getting back to pre January form
14 Tennessee I have no idea what this team is. Every March possibility is still on the table
15Indiana Sweep of Purdue was impressive
16 Virginia This is probably still too high for them...
17 Saint Mary's Fought back nicely after early huge deficit in Spokane
18 Xavier Fully healthy X is scary
19 Miami (FL) Just can't blow a home lead like that...
20Maryland Getting hot at a good time
21 Kentucky Look who is back
22 Duke Look who is back part 2
23 Nevada MWC needs to show up in March
24 Florida Atlantic Did I write them off too soon?
25 Oral Roberts Everyone else keeps losing. They don't. Get in my ballot, ORU

Overall Rationale

This week blew my friggin mind.