RagingLasagna's Week 17 Ballot

1 Houston They are who we thought they were
2 Kansas "Dick from deeper" - ESPN announcer on a Gradey Dick 3 point attempt
3Alabama For the love of all that is good, someone PLEASE get Nate Oats a new PR guy
4 UCLA The Champions of The Conference of Champions
5 Purdue There's quite a large gap between 5 and 6. Purdue Pete would probably have to murder a man for them to drop to 6
6Marquette Am I a believer? They're a year ahead of schedule - no seniors in their current rotation
7 Gonzaga I think they're all the way back
8 Baylor I flip flopped Baylor and Texas from last week after the H2H win
9Texas (As a callback to last week, I think maybe I don't like the Horns anymore bc it's just such a gross shade of orange)
10Arizona "Don't mess with the Devils, buddy. We're number one, we beat anybody! We're the Devils! The Devils!"
11 Kansas State They have Elite 8 written all over them
12 Tennessee STINKY
13UConn I am buying stock
14 Indiana Jalen HIM Schifino
15San Diego State The Mountain West is fun as hell this year and honestly should probably be #1 on the conference tournament watchlist
16 Virginia woof
17 Miami (FL) Death, taxes and Miami Hurricane boosters (I know this relates to women's basketball but too good of a joke to pass up)
18 Saint Mary's I fell asleep during the Gonzaga game (typical East coaster, I know) so I don't know if the loss actually counts
19 Oral Roberts I don't know if I think they're actually 19, but they're the only team to run the table in conference play and that carries a ton of weight
20Creighton Tough week to go 0-2 but not bad losses by any stretch and it felt like everyone lost this week
21 Florida Atlantic HOOT HOOT HOOT HOOT
22 Duke It's amazing that as soon as Mr. K retires, we get a semi-likable Duke team (I am a UNC fan, if I say anything nicer I have to check into an institution)
23 Xavier Tennessee is #1, but I think Xavier is #2 on my "get this team out of my face" power rankings
24 Providence Currently #207 in KenPom's luck rankings - I know how much the Providence faithful follow this stat
25 TCU I want to give up on this team so much but there's something about them and I can't bring myself to drop them from the Top 25

Overall Rationale

HM: Maryland, Iowa State, Kentucky, Memphis, Arkansas, Texas A&M, Boise State