RagingLasagna's Week 18 Ballot

2 Houston Memphis State is always a good win, especially fighting the distractions that are that court
3Alabama Bad PR aside, Brandon Miller not being a Wooden 15 Finalist is a disgrace
4 Purdue Tired: Scraping by teams they should handle. Wired: Finding ways to win in March
5 Kansas They have some really weird blowout losses
6Marquette Would be a great story if they Shaka the world (I will show myself the door)
7 UConn They are so back and I'm drinking the Kool-Aid (I will be spitting out said Kool-Aid when Hurley faces an ounce of adversity in their R32 game and gets a costly tech)
8 Texas A loss is a loss, not a bad one by any means, coupled with a really good win
9Gonzaga Beating Chicago State in the season finale is not exactly resume building
10Arizona They were 10 last week and just not a heavy weighted 1-1 to move them
11 Baylor I think they could still make a Final Four run with a good draw, but I'm selling national champion stock
12 Tennessee Tough spot to be in losing Ziegler - I'm sure Rick Barnes will make the necessary adjustments and lead his team to a tourney run
13Kansas State Wildcat/Big 12/Bracketology people - what's our read on the Fighting Purples?
14 Virginia I wonder what Tony does with his strands of nets
15Miami (FL) Court storming vs. Pitt is gross, I don't care the occasion (unless Dejaun Blair is playing)
16 Saint Mary's Quite possibly the best week any team has had this week
17 San Diego State MWC tournament is going to be the most fun to watch. Please tell your friends and family
18 Indiana They are not consistent enough to be taken seriously in The Big Dance
19 Florida Atlantic I truly want this squad to make a Sweet 16 run. I will personally buy an owl or two if they make the Final Four
20Xavier Will be interesting to see how their March run fares without Freemantle
21 Duke I know Carolina kinda stinks, but winning that rivalry game on the road is a big win
22 Oral Roberts I'm going to be devastated if they lose in the Summit Tournament
23 Creighton Was surprised to not see Scheierman 1st team Big East, but huge shoutout to my guy Kalk
24 Texas A&M This team is good enough we have to question whether Jimbo bought the recruits
25 TCU I can't believe this is Dixon's 7th year back in Fort Worth. Feels like we're in Year 3

Overall Rationale

HM: Utah State, Memphis, Boise State, Auburn, Iowa State