TommyTwoTaps's Week 18 Ballot

1 Kansas LW: 1 (-) ... Still my top team despite the ugly loss to UT. 15 Q1 wins this year, more than Houston has in Q1-2 combined. The clutch play is what stands out most with this team
2 Houston LW: 3 (+1) ... Houston hasn't had many challenges in the AAC, but I was very impressed with the win against Houston. This is the kind of win they need heading into tourney time
3UCLA LW: 4 (+1) ... Despite likely being a 1 seed, this team feels like its floated under the radar this year. Solid win against Zona and wrapped up an impressive 18-2 Pac12 record
4 Alabama LW: 2 (-2) ... Can't help but wonder if all the recent drama has led to the string of close games lately. Felt like this loss was coming. Still think they're locked in as a 1 seed
5 Purdue LW: 5 (-) ... Two solid wins against quality opponents to end the regular season. Probably would have them as a 2-seed currently, but a UCLA slip up and I think they move up
6Marquette LW: 6 (-) ... I'm ready for March heartbreak.
7 Gonzaga LW 7 (-) ... nothing like a win over the independent conference champs to head into the WCC semis
8 Texas LW: 10 (+2) ... Big win to end the regular season and I think lock up a 2-seed.
9Arizona LW: 8 (-1) ... 1-1 on the California road trip. Just a little too careless with the ball against UCLA
10Baylor LW: 9 (-1) ... Going to be interested to see the adjustments this team makes against Iowa State in the Big12 QFs. Has lost by 15 in both matchups and could fall out of 3-seed contention with a loss
11 UConn LW: 13 (+2) ... Played very well in the final third of the season after a rough middle stretch.
12 Saint Mary's LW: 12 (-) ... Off last week
13Kansas State LW: 11 (-2) ... West Virginia wanted that win a bit more imo. TCU matchup in the Big12 QFs is interesting given that they split the series with both being blowouts
14 Virginia LW: 17 (+3) ... Finished well after a rough week before.
15Miami (FL) LW: 18 (+3) ... Good for Canes fans getting a good team to watch this season. Avoid a bad ACC tourney loss and I think they'll snag a 4-seed
16 Xavier LW: 19 (+3) ... Certainly a very capable team offensively. Defense scares me a little though heading into tourney time.
17 San Diego State LW: 14 (-3) ... Navigated the regular season with no bad losses and continued its tradition of being incredibly solid on defense.
18 Texas A&M LW: 21 (+3) ... One of the hottest teams in the country since the new year with the defense being fairly decent during the strecth.
19 Tennessee LW: 15 (-4) ... Singlehandedly dragging as many SEC schools into the NCAAT. Truly an admirable thing to do.
20Indiana LW: 16 (-4) ... Really ugly loss to Iowa, but a good bounce back win to potentially spoil Michigan's tourney bid
21 Creighton LW: 22 (+1) ... Very much the Big East equivalent of an off week last week
22 Utah State LW: NR ... A much needed win to likely seal the Aggies tournament bid and a bye in the MWC tournament, helping potentially prevent a bad loss at the end
23 Boise State LW: NR ... Defensively was so impressive gainst SDSU down the stretch, along with Rice being lights out. 3-Bid MWC going strong
24 West Virginia LW: NR ... Two massive wins at the end of the season, going from bubble to likely in. Top-25 in KP, Torvik, NET and BPI, so this feels justified.
25 Oral Roberts LW: 25 (-) ... Got 40 points in last weeks AP Poll, will be interested to see if they get more or less this week.

Overall Rationale

OUT: Kentucky (20), Providence (23), Maryland (24) | 26-30: Providence, Kentucky, TCU, Florida Atlantic, Duke