Maladroit44's Week 2 Ballot

1 Gonzaga Didn't crush Michigan State, but the Spartans are probably solid and in fairness, the game was played on a literal aircraft carrier.
2 Houston Took care of business, including a really dominant win at Saint Joseph's.
3Duke Rocked a decent Jacksonville team out of the gate.
4 Kentucky Routed Howard and Duquesne in definitive fashion.
5 Baylor Let Norfolk State hang around just a bit, but I don't hold it against them much.
6UCLA Didn't let LBSU think they had a chance for even a second.
7 Kansas Kansas struggled a little against a very bad Omaha team. Not much, but they did.
8 Arkansas Arkansas dilly-dallied a bit against NDSU, but pulled away in the second half and dispatched Fordham in comprehensive fashion.
9Arizona Arizona established themselves with authority by crushing solid Nicholls and Southern squads.
10Wisconsin Perhaps nobody posted a more impressive first-week win than Wisconsin, which throttled Stanford and didn't let the Cardinal within a score in the second half.
11 North Carolina It took UNC quite a while to put Charleston away, though in their defense, Charleston is pretty decent.
12 Alabama Neither Longwood nor Liberty is a true marquee win, but they're both capable foes and Alabama made both look silly from the jump.
13Michigan State For a team with a lot of uncertainty about where it stands, nearly stunning Gonzaga is a major point in their favor.
14 Creighton Hard to say just yet how bad struggling with Saint Thomas is, but it's probably not great.
15Virginia Briefly trailed NC Central in the second half, but otherwise a clean week.
16 Saint Mary's Two very complete wins against ORU and Vermont (each hanging around the top 100 in Kenpom/Torvik).
17 UConn Put away Stonehill and Boston in thoroughly dominant fashion.
18 Texas The win over UTEP was fine. The win over HCU? Now that was just funny.
19 San Diego State Needed all 40 minutes to pull out a home win over BYU, but you could argue getting that win is a net positive.
20Indiana I was kind of expecting Indiana to play with their food. They didn't. Credit to them for that.
21 Texas Tech Methodically blew out Northwestern State and TX Southern.
22 West Virginia Beat the living daylights out of Pitt (who are supposed to be...well, not good, but solid).
23 Dayton SMU took them down to the wire, but Dayton came away with a 12-point win. Some questions have been raised, however.
24 UC Irvine Walked into Eugene and simply took apart a ranked Oregon team, leading by as much as 27.
25 Texas A&M Dismantled Abilene Christian by 19 points, their second-largest loss since the start of the 2021-22 season.

Overall Rationale

I'm re-ranking from scratch each week this year! So, uh, don't bother yelling at me about week-to-week movements, since I'm not looking at those. Next five: Miami, Illinois, Xavier, Auburn, Purdue