corndogshuffle's Week 2 Ballot

1 Gonzaga +/-0. Gonzaga notched a quality win against Michigan State on Friday.
2 Kentucky +/-0. Almost nobody played a meaningful game this week, so all I'm doing is adjusting teams that lost up or down. Or out.
3North Carolina +/-0.
4 Kansas +/-0.
5 Houston +/-0.
6Baylor +/-0.
7 Indiana +1. Indiana is the first in a series of teams benefitting from Tennessee's Sunday afternoon loss.
8 Duke +1.
9UCLA +1.
10TCU +1.
11 Auburn +1.
12 Creighton +1.
13Texas +1.
14 Arizona +1.
15Arkansas +1.
16 Virginia +1.
17 Texas A&M +1.
18 San Diego State +3. San Diego State jumps the trio of Tennessee/Villanova/Oregon with their win over BYU.
19 Tennessee -12. Colorado lost to Grambling but beat Tennessee. I still believe in the Vols but it's hard to not knock them down a long way after one week with hardly any meaningful games.
20Dayton +2.
21 Alabama +2
22 UConn +2
23 Michigan State +11. Yeah, they lost. By a single point to the team I have ranked #1. In a week like this, that was enough for me to put Sparty just inside my top 25.
24 Texas Tech +2. Three teams out of my rankings, three teams in. Texas Tech is the second of my three new teams.
25 Illinois +2. The final beneficiary of Villanova, Oregon, and Wyoming losing.

Overall Rationale

Unless you lost I just left you alone. Michigan State enters despite a loss - I think they played well enough to deserve some credit in a week where pretty much nobody else scheduled a big game. Texas Tech/Illinois enter the top 25 after Villanova/Oregon/Wyoming fall out. I knocked out three teams and have very different thoughts on all of them. Is Villanova just experiencing growing pains, and would Moore/Whitmore have made the difference? What the heck, Oregon? The game wasn't even as close as the final. And Wyoming actually lost to a 300+ KenPom team... brutal. Next five - Xavier, Michigan, Saint Louis, Virginia Tech, Iowa