OwenProGolfer's Week 2 Ballot

1 Houston This team looks excellent. Feeling great about that preseason #1 so far.
2 Gonzaga Had a scare against MSU but weird game, I'm not worried. We'll find out what this team really is this week anyway.
3Kentucky Embarrassed a Duquesne team that looked decent in their first game.
4 Duke Fuck Duke (but man they look good)
5 Baylor
6North Carolina Hasn't looked quite as impressive as some thought but this team is good. JMU game on Sunday could low-key be a great game.
7 Kansas Looks good so far. Champions Classic vs Duke should be great.
8 Alabama Is this a massive overreaction? Yeah probably, but this team has looked excellent so far. Should've ranked them preseason.
10Texas Tech
11 Texas
12 Saint Mary's Another overreaction? Maybe a bit, but I'm all in on this team. Randy Bennett's system is proven and working so far.
13San Diego State
14 Arkansas
16 Arizona
17 Dayton
18 Illinois The B1G Zone™
19 Indiana
20Michigan State
21 Wisconsin End of The B1G Zone™
22 UConn
23 Creighton I really don't get the hype around this team.
24 UC Irvine Eh, why not?
25 Toledo Beat UAB to take their spot, seems fair.

Overall Rationale

Next 10: Seton Hall, Mississippi St, St Louis, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Iowa, Xavier, Purdue, Virginia Tech, James Madison