RagingLasagna's Week 2 Ballot

1 North Carolina 1 awful offensive game, 1 great offensive game. I hope they don't play to their competition every game.
2 Houston
4 Baylor
5 Gonzaga B5, hit, you sunk my battleship
6Kentucky Oscar's "injury" is concerning
7 Virginia
8 Creighton
10Indiana The country isn't ready for Top Ten Mike Woodson
11 Arkansas
12 Duke If they had Mr. K, they'd be 2-0
14 San Diego State Maui Dark Horse
16 Auburn If Brucey Boy takes his shirt off, they move up a spot
17 Alabama Nick Saban would not look good in Nate's sport jackets
18 Texas Tech
19 Michigan Emoni Bates could be HIM, but so could Hunter Dickinson
20Tennessee I will spare them one week because the football team is good
21 TCU Frauds. *note: see Tennessee*
22 UConn Bring back Kevin Ollie you cowards
23 Illinois Champaign would've burnt if both football and basketball teams were good
24 Dayton Shoutout Dave Chappelle
25 UC Irvine Team of the Week/Win of the Season

Overall Rationale