Worldly_Worldliness5's Week 20 Ballot

1 Houston Highest metrics, great resume, dominant wins
2 UConn
4 North Carolina Has actually managed to win recently, one of the few prospective fourth 1 seeds that has been consistently winning recently
5 Iowa State Been pretty dominant lately and managed to pick up a quality and dominant win against Baylor.
6Tennessee Been losing a few too many games lately. They have a great resume but recently seem to be falling apart.
7 Arizona Arizona is a great team but they seem prone to losses at the worst times. Losing to Oregon was bad for them.
8 Marquette Marquette's been playing consistently well recently, but I still think they're a bit worse than the teams above them.
9Kentucky Kentucky has gotten some good wins but seems prone to a bad day every once in a while.
11 Auburn
12 Alabama
14 Baylor
15South Carolina
16 Gonzaga
17 BYU
18 Utah State
19 Texas Tech
20San Diego State
21 New Mexico
22 Nevada
23 Colorado State
24 Washington State
25 NC State

Overall Rationale